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BLOOMING TEA Gift SET- Comes complete with a largerheat-resistant glass teapot (1000ml/4 cups) , handmade of beautiful glass, tea infuser, tea brewing guide, and the 6 tea bloomings. This is the most beautiful of any blooming tea set available! Blooming tea, also referred to as flowering tea is a hand-crafted tea, in which edible flowers are tied in a ball of high quality tea leaves. When the blooming tea ball is in hot water, it will slowly open and give the appearance of a blossoming flower. It is very special tea, making an excellent gift for all.


How to prepare Blooming Tea ?

1. Please one bloom into a durable glass teapot capable of handling hot water.

2.Bring water to a rapid boil and pour over the tea(be careful). Steep until the yea is fully opened(3-5 minutes).

3. After enjoying the first pot of Blooming Flower Tea, the tea blossom may be infused 2 or 3 more times for further enjoyment.

4. Tea can be displayed with cool clear water for up to a week or two.

5. Enjoy your tea time!

Is Blooming Tea good for you?

Blooming Tea or Flowering Tea is a unique and memorable gift, which naturally contributes to improved health and wellness. In Chinese adage, there are one hundered advantages, but no disadvastage for drinking tea. Why ? Because there are a lot of nutrition & health compounds in tea

Vitamin (Tea contains a small amount of vitamins)

* Vitamin B1 (Thiamin): Thiamin helps to build energy by converting energy from food. It is also needed for growth and reproduction. Further, it promotes better appetite and digestion.

* Vitamin B2 Riboflavin is used for maintenance of healthy skin, eyes, and nerves. It also is an essential vitamin for proteins and energy metabolism. * Vitamin B6: This vitamin helps to release energy from food and enhances the metabolism of proteins. It also helps the red blood cells formation and is an important compound in the regulation of the central nervous system.

* Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): This vitamin helps to heal wounds and mend fractures. It also fights some common types of virus and bacterial infections.

* Vitamin K: This to helps build bone metabolism and is essential for preventing blood clotting.

* Carotene (precursor of vitamin A): Carotene is converted to vitamin A upon digestion. Vitamin A promotes good eyesight and healthy skin.

* Folic Acid: This acid is essential for the red blood cell formation and gene formation.

Minerals (Tea is a rich source for minerals)

* Manganese: It is vital for growth and the body’s development

* Potassium: It is essential for maintaining normal fluid level and a normal heart rhythm.

* Zinc: Zinc is essential for the development of the reproduction organs and protein synthesis. It also helps in wound healing.

* Fluorine: As you might know, Fluorine protects the teeth and strengthens the bones.

Polyphenols (Tea is a rich source for antioxidants)
Flavonoids and catechins are groups of polyphenolic compounds. They help fight against cancer-causing radicals and heart disease.

Blooming Tea/ Flowering Tea Caffeine Content

Blooming Tea / Flowering Tea has is a health-boosting drink not only because of numerous health benefits of Tea from Camellia sinensis plant in general, but also because it is mostly made of White Tea. White Tea is known to be world’s most healthy tea because it undergoes very little processing and no fermentation, but also because it contains considerably less caffeine. The amount of caffeine depends on the variety of tea leaf, on where it is grown, the particle size used, and the method and length of brewing or steeping. This is why the reported values of caffeine content in literature vary so much. Caffeine levels of White Tea are about 15 mg per serving (per cup), compared to 40 mg in Black Tea, and 20 mg in Green Tea.

Comparison on Caffeine amounts in Coffee, Cola and Teas
Coffee (5 oz. cup) … 80 mgM
Cola (12 oz. can) … 45 mg Black Tea (one tea bag) … 40 mg
Oolong Tea (one tea bag) … 30 mg
Green Tea (one tea bag) … 20 mg
White Tea (one tea bag) … 15 mg
Decaf Tea (one tea bag) … 2 mg
Herbal Tea (one tea bag) … 0 mg

Blooming Tea - magic for the body, mind and soul

Flowering or blooming teas are bundles of tea leaves, sewn together by hand in China. The rosettes contain buds or petals of flowers such as jasmine, lily, globe amaranth, chrysanthemum, osmanthus and hibiscus. As the tea steeps, the rosette will unfurl its leaves to reveal the beautiful flower inside.

Blooming tea adds another dimension to enjoying tea and all its numerous health benefits. Made from green or white tea, it has unique properties that promote health: Antioxidants: A high concentration of antioxidants helps the body fight free radicals and prevent damage in cell membranes and DNA.

Strong bones: Green and especially white tea increase bone density.

Anticancer: By fighting free radicals white tea is a very powerful anticancer treatment. Furthermore, the flavonoids in the tea inhibit cancer cells growth and further reduce the risk.

Blood pressure: White and green tea help with high blood pressure by thinning the blood and reinforcing blood vessels.

Antibacterial: Green and white tea reinforces the immune system protecting us against all sorts of diseases from the common cold or flu to even ease some HIV symptoms.

Low cholesterol: Group of antioxidants, called catechins show to reduce cholesterol in the blood. Green and white tea are a particularly rich source of catechins since they are the least processed and oxidized.

Healthy skin: Antioxidants in green and white tea will help your skin look young and eliminate the dark spots.

Treating yourself, your friends and your family with blooming tea will bring about not only beautiful moments, spent together, but also a healthy way of life with a little hint of magic: Blooming tea magic (video)

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