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blomming tea gift set

BLOOMING TEA Gift SET- Comes complete with a larger heat-resistant glass teapot(1000ml/4cups), handmade of beautiful glass tea infuser, tea brewing guide, and the 6 premium blooming teas. This is the most beautiful of any blooming tea set available! Makes a great gift for all. detail



Jasmine Tea is made from green tea leaves and fresh jasmine petals. When brewed, it produceds deep yellow color, fruity taste, and aroma of tropical flowers. It is the best kind of tea for people who has never sip tea.

Ingredients:High quality green tea, Jasmine.

100 Tea Bags NET WT:180g (6.40 OZ)

Jasmine Tea

oolong tea

You-Shan Oolong Tea grows in the mountain at a high elevation of Fuzhou, Fujian. It is selected from the superior Oolong Tea. When tasting it, you can enjoy fragrant aroma. You-Shan Oolong Tea is known by connoisseurs as the world's finest tea.

100 Tea Bags, Net WT 6.4OZ /180 g

Oolong Tea

juhua amercian ginseng tea

It is made from the finest selected Chrysanthemum flowers picked from mainland China and the finest ginseng roots cultivated in Wisconsin, U.S.A. Recommended by most herbalists as a daily drink that helps people with high blood pressure to refresh, cool down, and energize the body. It is also suitable for peolpe with acne or dry mouth.
20Tea Bags, Net WT 1.27OZ /36g

Chrysanthemum & American Ginseng Tea

 Ginseng Lucid Tuchung Tea Korean Ginseng is a superior herbal of strengthing liver, kidney and whole body Yang energy. Linzhi has a great ability to boost immune functions. Tuchung is very safe herbal for supporting kidney function. Panax Ginseng -Linzhi-Tuchung Tea is a superior herbal tea for increasing body energy and promote organs function. Most people can use it long-term. It is a great tonic for senior people. But it is not suitable for people Who have high blood pressure. No Caffeine. No Preservatives.

0.07-oz/Bag. 10Bags/Box. 10Boxes
Tea Bags Net WT 7.0 OZ /200 g
Korean Ginseng Linch Tuchung Tea

diabetic tea

DIABETIC Herbal TEA is one of the Orients Best products that are made from Kudzu's leaf, flower, vine and root. It has thin taste. The formulated recipes have been proven throughout centuries to lower high blood sugar and reduce thirst. It is an ideal drink for diabetes patient.
Makes 50 cups

Diabetic Herbal Tea


Polygonummultiform Tea is known as Black Haired Mr. He tea in Chinese. This is a popular tea because it can aid in re-growing hair, keeping hair from turning grey prematurely, and keeping it healthy. This is due to the herb's ability to nourish and replenish blood and nourish the kidneys which in turn promote healthy growth of hair. It is a tonic. Taste is great. Net WT 1.41OZ /40 g, 20 Tea Bags

Polygonummultiform Tea

 relaxing tea

The tea is made from the flower of Silktree Albizzia and Seeds of Ziziphus Spinosa Green Tea and Mint Leaves. It has calming, relaxing and comforting actions, making sleeping better and getting rid of the heat and headache. Taste is great.
20 Tea Bags, Net WT 1.4 OZ /40 g

  Special Relaxing Herbal Tea

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