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Cholesterol Reducer without side effects
kong may Welcome to the Chinese Herbs world ! This is the right place for whoever wants to find Chinese Herbs Medicine or information to cure chronic diseases with effective and safe Chinese herbal formula, Chinese herbal tea, and other natural products. Hope you will be very success to take care your health.

More and more people realize Chinese herbal medicine is safer than conventional synthetic medicine and has much fewer adverse effects. Safety and effectiveness are the advantage of herbal medicine. Chinese herbal are especially safe and effective for disease prevention, self-care or clinic treatment for chronic diseases.

More Americans are turning to traditional Chinese herbal medicine after failing to find relief from conventional treatments. More and more doctors are embracing traditional Chinese herbal medicine, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has begun to support clinical trials of Chinese and other herbal treatment.

Chinese people have been using herbal medicine for several thousand years. Over this long period, they have accumulated a sizeable pharmacopoeia, such as Herbal Systematics and Encyclopedia of Chinese Material Medicine, based on actual human trials, and have faithfully recorded their experience and knowledge of these herbs for posterity. Thus, using Chinese herbal for preventing diseases, self-care and clinic treatment can be very safe and effective. Chinese herbal remedies are becoming more and more popular for curing chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insomnia, anxiety, weight loss, depression, infertility, chronic pain and chronic fatigue syndrome......

One should keep in mind: Chinese herbal medicine is only safe and effective when it suits a person's condition; otherwise it may have side effects no matter how great the Chinese herbal medicine is. The key to avoiding side effects of Chinese herbal medicine is to have a knowledge of chinese herbal.

However, because of the language barrier, lots of people don't know where to find the safety information about Chinese herbal. This website provides such information to enable you to treat your minor health problem with effective, safe and less expensive means and help patients rapidly recovery from serious diseases.

Avoid chinese herbs medicine side effects and use Chinese herbal safely

Most of the side effects of Chinese herbal medicine is caused by the improper use of Chinese herbal medicine, such as taking improper herbs, herbs with improper combination, excessive use, long-term use, inappropriate dosage, fake goods and contaminated herbs. The easiest way to make sure you are taking the right Chinese herbs for the right reasons is to consult with a qualified Chinese herbalist. Often these experts will be licensed acupuncturists, who within their licensure have extensive training in Chinese medicine and herbs. These practitioners will take into account your condition, your current medications and supplements, and they will have a good knowledge of the quality of the products they are dispensing. Also, side effects can be avoided by following the steps decribed below.

First, for safe use of chinese herbs , understand ingredients of a multiherb formula.

There are some potent multiherb formulas on the market , which are non-prescription Chinese herbal medicine for self-care. Usually people can treat a minor health problem according to the instruction of formulas. For safe use of herbal medicine, one must know what the ingredients are and functions of these ingredients. Before taking Chinese herbal formulas, make sure there is no toxic ingredient. Otherwise, one should consult with an herbalist or a physician before taking it. The two Chinese herbs most commonly misused seem to be ephedra and herbs containing aristolochic acid (can cause kidney problems if misused). Aristolochic acid can be found in various Chinese herbs including aristolochia fangchi (guang fang ji), akebia (mu tong), asarum (xi xin), clematis (chuan mu tong), clematis chinensis (wei ling xian), and stephania (han fang ji). They are Chinese herbs that when inappropriately used has been implicated in causing heart failure. One also needs to know if the Chinese herbal formula will interact positively or negatively with other foods, herbs, supplements, or medications one takes.

Second, for safe use of Chinese herbal, avoid excessive use, long-term use, and inappropriate dosage.

One should not use certain Chinese herbal medicine for long-term use or consume them in excess. Although the toxicity of some Chinese herbal medicine is low, long-term use or excessive use may lead to intoxication. The Chinese herbal medicine are divided into three categories according to the properties: superior , medium , and inferior. Superior herbs that are non-toxic can be taken in large amounts for extended periods; they are known as tonics. Medium herbs are those that are non-toxic or only toxic at large doses. Inferior herbs are toxic and should not be used for extended periods. There are some common formulas with toxic ingredients, such as Six Spirits Pill ( Liu Shen Wan), Cholonex(Niu Huang Jie Du Pian). One should not use this pill for long term or in excess. Take herbs pills at recommended dosage, never exceed it.

Third, stop using the Chinese herbal medicine if you are not feeling any improvement after taking it two weeks. Stop using the Chinese herbal medicine if you experience nausea, dizziness, headache, skin rash, or any other symptoms after taking it.

Fourth, for safe use of Chinese herbs, buy herbal formulas made by reliable manufacturers or imported by credible companies. These sources always supply standardized organic, low pesticide-residue and sulfur-free herbs and herbal formulas that meet the international pharmaceutical standards of GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice). They also control the heavy metal and bacterial content according to the international standard.

Cautions: See your physician if any of the following conditions apply:

1. you are experiencing severe health problem.

2.The condition becomes worse after you are treating within 28 hours.

3.You are treating diahrrea that does not improve within 24 hours.

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